Department of Intelligent digital systems
Leader: Ing. P. Malík, PhD.
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The Department of Intelligent Digital Systems (DDDS) is conducting research in the field of design, testing and diagnostics at the Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences since 1984. The department participated in many national and international research projects which resulted in many papers at relevant international conferences as well as in journals. The members of the team contributed to many books and helped to train many technical experts in the field. Students from universities worked toward their Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree in cooperation with members of DDDS. The team distinguished itself also by organization of national and international workshops and conferences.

Currently, DDDS continues its successful work in research and education, seeks the opportunities to cooperate with secondary technical schools, universities and research institutes from Slovakia and abroad.

Topics of interest

  • Digital system design (FPGA, ASIC)
  • Design for testability and self-testing
  • Design and testing of reconfigurable systems
  • Design of specific algorithms
  • Testing of asynchronous digital systems
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms
  • Intelligent models and algorithms