Applications of the Intelligent digital systems department

Developed software tools

  • Wrappertool – Principles of design for testability techniques and generation of wrapper structure applications
  • BIST tool – Principles of built-in self- test techniques and generation of BIST structure applications
  • MemBIST tool – Principles of RAM memory testing and generation of memory BIST structures
  • FaultSim – Deductive fault simulator and critical path education applet
  • Memory fault demonstration excercise – Educative applets for modeling basic type of faults in memory arrays (in Slovak)
  • Test system DefGen – Structural test generator for voltage and IDDQ testing of combinational circuits
  • Fault simulators for combinational circuits – a part of DefGen
  • Test generator for delay faults – A part of DefGen
  • Functional test generator for digital circuits modelled by a VHDL subset

Software tools developed by our partners

  • Introduction to Digital Test – Learning tool developed by Department of Computer Engineering Tallinn University of Technology