LDS_logo Laboratory of Digital Systems
Design and testing of digital circuits, new technology implementation.
Diagnostics of Digital Circuits

Activities are aimed at design-for-test, test generation and selfrepair design:

  • Low-overhead built-in selftest architectures for digital dataprocessing circuits
  • Applications of design-for-testability methods to cores of system-on-chip
  • Test generation for delay faults of systems-on-chip with simple chain wrapper architecture
  • Test generation and fault simulation of asynchronous sequential circuits
  • Online testing of digital circuits
  • Built-in selftesting and selfrepair of memories
  • Design of selfrepair architecture for logic cores with respect to low area overhead

Design of Digital Circuits

Activities are aimed at design, simulations and development:

  • MDCT IP Core Generator with architectural model simulation
  • Design and development of a FPGA to implement the algorithm for data encryption GOST
  • Design and simulation of thealgorithm GOST with built-in self-test memory
  • Design and simulation of the GOST core with JTAG architecture and P1500 standard
  • Design and simulation of the encryption algorithm RIJNDAEL with implementation into FPGA – XILINX Spartan II
  • Design of experimental board for testing digital designs (XILINX –Spartan II) with connection to an ISA PC bus
  • Design and development of the data encryption circuit’s connection to an USB PC input
  • Lab exercises for Mentor Graphics design kit with built-in self-test architecture applications to digital circuits