Department of Speech analysis and synthesis
Leader: Ing. Milan Rusko, PhD.
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Object of the research:

  1. theoretical part
    Trainable (self-learning) automated speech processing systems

    • Speech recognition in Slovak (automated system interface capable of understanding human speech)
    • Speech synthesis in Slovak; older version
    • Speaker (voice) recognition and verification
  2. application part
    • Speech recognizers building for the applications in telecommunications, robotics, medicine, banking etc. Design of the modern recognition systems requires building of the training speech-databases. The recognizers can form a part of the automated translation systems (machine translation) and the input interface for the voice-driven teleservices.
    • Developing speech synthesis systems with higher naturalness, reaching compatibility with the mostly used operation systems (Windows, Linux, Unix) and also with Java. Development of systems for disabled or blind people. Building of special training databases for modern data-driven high-level speech synthesis systems.
  3. additional areas of research
    • phonetic research – SAMPA (Speech Assesment Methods Phonetic Alphabet) in Slovak
    • speech acoustics and musical acoustics

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