The II SAS, as an external educational institution in cooperation with STU, TUKE, and UK universities, announces the enrollment procedure for a doctoral study 2020/2021 in the fields of Informatics, and Cybernetics. Candidates must have completed their second level degree of university studies (Ing. Mgr., Master’s degree equivalent). Applications must be submitted through the information system of the university on the page of the selected faculty (FIIT STU, FEI TUKE, FMPH UK, FEI STU) not later than 31/05/2020. For the topics of doctoral studies, and for more information about the study opportunities at the II SAS check out our phd page.

On June 18, 2019, the second annual meeting of researchers of the international Slovak-Taiwanese project SAS-Most took place in the conference room of the II SAS. The project title is „An individual stimulating system with 3D nano-structure carbon/graphene based transducer and wireless heater for automated tiny insects behavior monitoring“. The main guest of this event was prof. Dr. Hung-Yin Tsai (principal investigator of the Taiwanese part of … →…

The basic mission and scope of activities of the Institute in accordance with the Founding Charter is to conduct research in the areas:

  • Informatics, information and communication technology
  • Electrical engineering, automation and control systems

The Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • is a member of many international consortia and has been involved in a number of international and national projects
  • publishes the scientific journal Computing and Informatics, which is indexed in CCC,
  • performs scientific education in two acredited programs – Applied Informatics, and Robotics and Cybernetics,
  • operates the experimental development laboratory for printed circuit boards.

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