KU LeuvenVisit by Belgian Master students in Engineering Technology Electronics ICT KU Leuven. Prof. dr. Kris Aerts (professor ICT at KU Leuven campus Diepenbeek at the faculty of Engineering Technology) along with prof. Thoelen of Uhasselt and 27 master students in their final year of Electronics and ICT will be visiting Bratislava. On February 14, 2019, they will visit our institute. foto For the delegation, we have prepared an interesting program … →…

Prof. Mária Bieliková, dean of Faculty of informatics and information technology STU in Bratislava awarded a Jozef Murgaš Medal to Assoc. Prof. Ladislav Hluchý for his contribution to development of informatics and information technology (18.4.2018). Staff members of Institute of Informatics SAS cordially congratulate! Foto and more info: →…

The basic mission and scope of activities of the Institute in accordance with the Founding Charter is to conduct research in the areas:

  • Informatics, information and communication technology
  • Electrical engineering, automation and control systems

The Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

  • is a member of many international consortia and has been involved in a number of international and national projects
  • publishes the scientific journal Computing and Informatics, which is indexed in CCC,
  • performs scientific education in two acredited programs – Applied Informatics, and Robotics and Cybernetics,
  • operates the experimental development laboratory for printed circuit boards.

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