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47th e-IRG Delegates Meeting in Bratislava

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47th e-IRG Delegates Meeting The first closed e-IRG delegates meeting during the Slovakian Presidency of the European Union will start at noon on the 26th of September until the 27th of September at the EU House – European Information Center in Bratislava. In e-IRG, Slovak republic is represented by Assoc…. Read more »

ICT Proposers’ Days

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ICT Proposers´ Day will take place in Bratislava, September 26-27, 2016. At this event, the Institute is going to present the research results and the results of FP projects in a so-called Slovak village. →… Registration open till 19.9.2016. ICT Proposers´ Day web, twitter.

60th Anniversary of II SAS

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In 2016 the Institute of Informatics of the SAS commemorates the 60th anniversary of its founding. The Institute is a direct successor of the Institute of Technical Cybernetics, which was created in 1966 by transforming the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the SAS. The laboratory started to work… Read more »