Department of Sensor systems
Leader: Ing. Štefan Havlík, DrSc.
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     The department of Sensor systems since long has been orienting on basic (fundamental) and applied research in the field of mechatronics with focus to sensor systems, signal processing, image processing (object tracking) and compact compliant structures (precise positioning systems, deformable parts of sensors, micro-actuators)
Department’s research activity is focused to solve tasks in two areas:

  • Micro electro-mechanical structures and mechanisms.
    There are elaborated methods and solved tools for design, modeling and simulation of (micro) electro-mechanical structures and systems (MEMS). Research and development is based on knowledge from building and control of robotic tools as well as solution of sensors with signal processing and use of (micro) technologies to their realization. These high actual problems lead to solve of “smart” electro-mechanical devices, which will be part of intelligent robotic tools.
  • Modeling, simulation and animation of mechatronic systems
    Development of real-time high effective computer synthesis tools of control mechatronic devices. Programming construction set of static and mobile kinematic mechanisms realization will enable controlled objects modeling, simulation of control algorithms and at the same time it will be platform for real objects control system development.

View to the past
     In 1976 was founded branch office of Institute of Technical Cybernetic (ITC) SAS in Banská Bystrica. In this workplace was established research group specialized to solve sensor systems. Therefore research and development of ITC was focused to robotics. Between most significant research tasks was solution of sensor systems enable to adaptivity of position of welding robots.


Welding head of robot OJ-10 with three-component tactile sensor

     In this time were developed some sensors and algorithms for positioning and force control, which were directly verified in technological processes of welding and assembling. Chosen approaches and applied technical solutions were comparable with state of the research and development on outstanding departments in Europe. As an example can be mentioned the unique solutions of multi-components tactile and force-torque sensors and related signal processing algorithms with following control of robot kinematics.

     Between others significant results of solution of national and international research projects can be included development of thermal imaging system based on uncooled pyro-electrical detector (1996) and solution of the unconventional operation tools for robotics, e.g. for operations of human demining under the terms of international project ANGEL (EUREKA) (2000 – 2005); related with development of demining systems “Božena” and “Diana”.


Main parts and prototype of uncooling IR camera with two axes positioning mechanism

     The important scientific event, organized by the Institute, was the 23rd International Conference on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region (RAAD) ( in Smolenice Castle on September 3-5, 2014 under the IFToMM and IEEE sponsorships. 60 papers and 80 participants from 18 countries were presented at the conference.

     In the present days the members of Department of Sensor Systems works in research and development groups on branch offices in Banská Bystrica and Bratislava.

Offers for practice
     We offer developing software for embedded control systems for various mechatronic devices. Software for the control systems is based on the Linux operating system modified for developing hard real-time applications. We have experience with developing software for mechatronic devices controlled by PC/104-Plus embedded computer family, field buses like CAN bus or EtherCAT, GigE Vision cameras etc. We have also substantial experience in image processing. We have no capacity for developing hardware.
     We offer too, consultation, design, modelling, simulation and optimization of flexural structures suitable as precise positioning devices or deformable parts of force/displacement sensors.


Branch Office in Bratislava

Institute of Informatics
Slovak Academy of Sciences
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Phone: +421 2 5941 1285


Branch Office in Banska Bystrica

Institute of Informatics
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Branch Office Banská Bystrica
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Phone: +421 48 415 23 66