Activities of the PCB design and production department

The PCB’s are fabricated by using modern small capacity technological processes installed in production laboratories of the department:
vrtacka CNC 3-spindle drilling machine
electroless/electrolytic plating line (with manual manipulation)
brushing and cleaning machines
dry photoresist hot roll laminator
solder mask vacuum laminator
permanganate desmear process
exposure unit
leptacia_linka developing, etching and stripping lines
susicka drying ovens
pcb_lab_lis multilayer press
electrolytic gold plating equipment
lead-free HASL
noznice PCB shape is finished by 1-spindle CNC routing machine or by optically controlled manually operated guillotine
Ecological safety is maintained by waste water neutralisation and disposal station.
Basic Technical Parameters
Final PCB size: max. 400 x 400 mm
Standard thickness (up to 8-layer PCB): 1,5 mm
Basic material: FR-4
Cu thickness: 18 or 35 um (option: 70, 9 or 5 um)
Drill diameter: min. 0,5 mm (optionally 0,3 mm)
Basic prices
Single sided PCB 3.5 EUR/dm2
Double sided PCB (line/space density to 0.3 mm) 8.1 EUR/dm2
4-layer PCB 14.3 EUR/dm2
6-layer PCB 17.8 EUR/dm2
8-layer PCB 22.0 EUR/dm2
Optional technological processes (HAL, soldermask, gold plating, component screening, shaping by routing machine) are extra accounted.
Quantity discount: 10 % for more than 20 pcs.
Contact Person
Head of production technology: Ing. Ivan Bešina, Phone: +421 2 5941 1113