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Project title. Project number (Years) Head Agency
Man-machine communication - speech recognition and speech synthesis in Slovak I. (1993-1995) M. Rusko VEGA
Man-machine communication - speech recognition and speech synthesis in Slovak II. (1996-1998) M. Rusko VEGA
Homogenous localized man-machine speech interface and speech databases in Slovak. 2/6120/20 M. Rusko VEGA
SpeechDat-E. Eastern European Speech Databases for Creation of Voice Driven Teleservices. 977017 (1998-2000) M. Rusko INCO COPERNICUS
Modern speech processing technologies in Slovak utilising speech corpora. 2/208722 (2002-2004) M. Rusko VEGA
Modern speech processing technologies in Slovak utilising speech corpora II. (2005-2007)  M. Rusko VEGA
Automated, Voice Controlled Telecommunication Systems and their Applications. AV-4-0006-07 (2007-2009) M. Rusko AV
Robust Speech Technologies for Information Systems in Slovak and their Diagnostics. 2/0138/08 (2008-2010) M. Cerňak VEGA
Speech Technologies for Modern Telecommunication and Information Systems and Services. APVV-0369-07 (2008-2010) M. Rusko APVV
Intelligent Language Tutoring System with Multimodal Feedback Functions (Euronounce). 135379-LLP-1-2007-21-DE-KA2-KA2MP (2007-2009) M. Rusko EACEA, MVTS
Nonverbal Speech Gestures in Slovak in Multimodal and Multicultural Context. COST 271/06 (2008-2010) M. Rusko COST, MVTS
Grapheme and Phoneme Frequencies in Slovak. 58s3 (2007-2009) M. Rusko SAIA
GAMMA - Global ATM security management (2013 - 2017) M. Rusko FP7
Relationship between trust and entrainment in speech (2015 - 2017) M. Rusko AFOSR - Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Speaker verification as an add-on element of the Air Traffic Management security (2015 - 2017) M. Rusko VEGA
Electronic Services of General Prosecutor of the Slovak Republic (2013 - 2015) M. Rusko ERDF EÚ OPIS
Automatic dictate transcription (2009 – 2011) M. Rusko Ministry of justice of Slovak Republic
CRISIS - Research and development of new information technologies for prediction and solution of crisis situations and security of habitants (2010 - 2013) M. Rusko ERDF EÚ OPVaV
RPKOM - Technology research for the management of business processes in heterogeneous distributed systems in real time with the support of multimodal communication (2010 - 2013) M. Rusko ERDF EÚ OPVaV


VEGA - Grant Agency for Science (Slovak Republic)
APVV - Agency for Science and Research Support (Slovak Republic)
AV - project of Applied Research (Slovak Republic)
MVTS - project of International Cooperation in Science and Technics (Slovak Republic)
EACEA - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency
COPERNICUS - European Communities
COST - European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research
- Slovak Academic Information Agency (Slovak Republic)