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Oddelenie senzorických systémov

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Head: Štefan Havlík, Eng., DrSc. (CV)

Key words:

Sensor systems, Thermal imaging, Signal processing, Mobile robotics, Demining, Compact Compliant Structures

The department theoretically elaborates two corresponding subjects:

Sensory information systems for robotics and automation. Main interests is devoted to thermal and X-ray imaging, optoelectronic sensing system, signal/image processing and communication in multisensory information system.

Construction and control of robotic equipment for application in hazardous environment. Integration of sensory equipment and control of robotic system according to information from environment / situation of environment.

Research themes:

Thermal and X- ray imaging systems. Building special cameras, acquisition and processing images. Integration into sensory network.

Concept and solving robotic tools for demening operations.

International relations:

Partners of ANGEL project

DIAS TU Dresden

Our capabilities

   We offer developing software for embedded control systems for various mechatronic devices. Software for the control systems is based on the Linux operating system modified for developing hard real-time applications. We have experience with developing software for mechatronic devices controlled by PC/104-Plus embedded computer family, field buses like CAN bus or EtherCAT, GigE Vision cameras etc. We have also substantial experience in image processing. We have no capacity for developing hardware.

   We offer too, consultation, design, modelling, simulation and optimization of flexural structures suitable as precise positioning devices or deformable parts of force/displacement sensors.