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Activities of the Department

This department is oriented to develop prototypes and to fabricate multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB) in small series. Simultaneously single- and double-sided through-hole-plated PCBs are produced.

Software systems EAGLE  Professional  and Mentor Graphics PCB Station are used  for the PCB design.
For PCB fabrication inputs in several international standards are accepted, e.g.:  drilling files for CNC drilling machine in EXCELLON  language and files for computer controlled fotoplotter in GERBER format.
The PCBs are fabricated by using modern small capacity technological processes installed in production laboratories of the department:

- CNC  3-spindle drilling machine

- electroless/electrolytic plating line (with manual manipulation)

- brushing and cleaning machines

- dry photoresist hot roll laminator

- solder mask vacuum laminator

- 2-component liquid solder mask

- exposure unit

- developing, etching and stripping lines

- drying ovens


- multilayer press

- electrolytic gold plating equipment

- hot air solder leveller

- PCB shape is finished by 1-spindle CNC routing machine or by optically controlled manually operated guillotine

Ecological safety is maintained by waste water neutralisation and disposal station.


Basic Technical Parameters

Final PCB size: max. 400 * 300 mm
Standard thickness (up to 8-layer PCB): 1.5 mm
Basic material: FR-4
Cu thickness: 18 or 35 um (option: 70, 9 or 5 um)
Drill diameter: min. 0.5 mm (optionally 0.3 mm)


Basic prices

Single sided PCB 2.7  EUR/dm2
Double sided PCB (line/space density to 0.3 mm) 7.3  EUR/dm2
4-layer PCB 14.3  EUR/dm2
6-layer PCB 17.8  EUR/dm2
8-layer PCB 22.0  EUR/dm2
Optional technological processes (HAL, soldermask, gold plating, component screening, shaping by routing machine) are extra accounted.

Quantity discount:

10 %   for more than 20 pcs


Contact Persons

Head of production technology: Ivan Bešina , Phone: +421 2 5941 1113