New trends in mobile robotics research are focused on distributed control of groups of mobile robots and on modelling of robotic systems dynamics using high performace computing. We, at the Institute of Informatics, SAS, have been dealing with designing and modelling of intelligent behaviour, emphasizing features such as coordination, cooperation and intelligent interaction among individual robots that cooperat in a shared environment. The goal is creating a decentralized multi-agent system, consisting of autonomous entities, which are able to act independently and deliberately, though still being part of a group following a common goal. In such a way, it is possible to achieve intelligent behaviour of the whole group that is beyond the limits and capabalities of its individuals. In addition, such system is more efficient, scalable, adaptive and robust, thus being suitable for relevant applications. As example, a group of robots transporting material in a production room, a group of patrolling and monitoring robots, a group performing demining missions, etc. could be mentioned.

The department is equipped with necessary hardware and software tools for modelling and simulation of discrete processes. Besides desktop PCs equipped with common software tools, there are:

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