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30 Years of E-beam Lithography at the Slovak Academy of Sciences

Actual information:
11.7.2011 - ZBA21 before reconstruction and exchange for higher lithographer ZBA23


Department of Electron Beam Lithography (Institute od Informatics, Slovak Academy of Sciences) have many years practical experience in micro and nano structures patterning, including maintenance and selfsupporting service of electron beam lithography equipment. They have been participating in numerous domestic and international projects.


The ability to fabricate structures with the highest resolution and fidelity is fundamental to all our activities.


Electron Beam Lithography (EBL) is a specialized technique of a lithographic processes for creating the extremely fine patterns required by the modern electronics industry for integrated circuits that uses a focused beam of electrons.

EBL offers higher patterning resolution than optical lithography, because of the shorter wavelength possessed by the 10-50 keV electrons that it employs. Compared to other nanostructuring methods, it combines high resolution with excellent flexibility and reasonable patterning speed.

This is possible due to the very small spot size of the electrons, whereas the resolution in optical lithography is limited by the wavelength of light used for exposure. The electron beam has wavelength so small that diffraction no longer defines the lithographic resolution.