The 2nd workshop on Application of Knowledge Methods in Information Security
June 27-29, 2022, Smolenice, Slovakia



Monday 16:00
Damas Gruska: Formal methods and system security
Martin Homola and Júlia Pukancová: Abduction as Diagnostic Tool in Computer Security
Vasyl Ustimenko and Tymoteusz Chojecki: Graph based secure communications with ontological instruments of knowledge based portal
Roderik Ploszek: Inductive Logic Programming and Description Logics
Tuesday 9:00
Peter Švec, Štefan Balogh, Martin Homola and Ján Kľuka: Ontological Representation of the EMBER Dataset
Štefan Balogh, Peter Švec and Alexander Šimko: Expected results of conceptual learning
Daniel Trizna and Martin Homola: Towards KB Embedding in Malware Detection
Štefan Balogh, Peter Švec: Integration of outputs from tools for static and dynamic code analysis into an ontological model
Tuesday 13:30
Ján Mojžiš: The Construction of Rules for EMBER Dataset with the Help of a Decision Tree Model
Ivana Budinska: Standarts for sharing cyber security indicators and threats